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Stellavox Products :

GreyBlank.gif (100 bytes) The ST2 two channels D/A Converter
Very small in size, the ST2 is available as a playback or computer output device for sound reproduction and control. It provides standard 2 coaxial SPDIF and 1 balanced AES/EBU inputs. Outputs are available in both RCA and balanced XLR.
The ST2 circuitry uses new 96kHz 24bits capable technology with an exceptional time alignment performance in order to provide very accurate transient reproduction for critical intelligibility professional and laboratory applications.

Grey Blank.gif (100 bytes) The PW1 Calibration Power Amplifier
Using extremely fast high-dynamic amplification with 200 Watts on 8 Ohms before clipping, the Stellavox PW1 uses the most accurate amplifier circuit for transient reproduction, extreme intelligibility and ultra-accurate time response applications. It may be used as calibration amplifier for laboratory applications or as a highest clarity monitoring amplifier for calibrated high-speed test speakers.

Grey Blank.gif (100 bytes) The PR3 Active Analogue Controller
Using ultra-high speed circuitry, the PR3 Controller provides an easy way to control a pair of PW1 Power amplifiers in a monitoring setup. With 4 inputs switchable from the front panel and a simple high-quality level control, it is the perfectly transparent preamp needed in today's high level analogue playback systems.

Grey Blank.gif (100 bytes) The ST20 two channels D/A Converter
in preparation - Using the proprietary Goldmund Alize 7 D/A circuitry. Best existing 24 bits 96kHz technology. Used to link studio equipment or computer based audio systems with the best possible audio reproduction equipment.

The ST2 D/A Converter.

The PW1 Power Amplifier

The PR3 Controller