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The Stellavox Professional Audio Equipment has been manufactured in Switzerland since the 50s. The first products were professional tape recorders of extremely high mechanical quality.
In the late 80s Stellavox started the development of a portable professional DAT Digital Tape Recorder, the Stelladat.
In 1993, without having reached the break-even with this new product, the owners decided that the market was evolving too fast towards computer recording and that the traditional Stellavox products did not have enough potential anymore. Financial support was dropped and all activities were stopped.

Sonosax, another small Swiss Audio company, bought the rights to continue the development of the Stelladat recorder and a few former technicians of the old company took their chance with the old products maintenance.

So, if you are a customer who wants service on his Stelladat machine, contact  :
SAS, CH-1162 St Prex, Switzerland  : Phone +41 21 806 02 02, Fax : +41 21 806 02 99

If your machine is an old analogue recorder, you may try to have it serviced by :
DPR Electronique, 34 route de Neuchatel, CH-2034 Peseux, Phone +41 32 730 62 30.

For the new technology equipment, you must contact the Stellavox Service Centers where the equipment has been acquired to obtain service or upgrades.

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The Stellavox ST2 professional
D/A converter.